Xenforo vs SMF: What's different?


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Switching from SMF to Xenforo take a bit of getting used to, I'm gonna try to list all things here I stumble upon myself that are different.

Quoting, Multi-Quoting and replying
In SMF you could quote someone by clicking "quote".
To replicate this behavior in Xenforo you click "reply". This will quote that entire post.
The multi-quote did not exist in SMF. In Xenforo you can use it to quote multiple replies at once.

Switching themes
In SMF this was burried deep inside your profile settings.
With Xenforo all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the theme name next to the swatch icon. This allows you to change themes on the go.

All Unread Topics
In SMF this displayed all topics that received new replies which you hadn't seen yet.
The best replacement for this in Xenforo is "What's New > New Posts" https://forums.themavesite.com/whats-new/posts/
The cool thing is that this also seperates posts that have been updated since your last visit and those that have not been updated since your last visit.

Image resizing
Every time you posted an image in SMF that was wider than the post body, you either did not resize it and let the html generate a horizontal scroll bar or you resized it with "width=1000".
Xenforo automatically takes care of images that are too big and will never allow them to grow bigger than the post area. One downside is that very long images aren't displayed entirely. Fortunately you can click on those and a "Lightbox" image viewer will open.

Pasting info from other websites
SMF always defaulted to bbcode view, meaning you could copy titles and stuff from other websites without copying the layout itself.
In Xenforo you'll have to do CONTROL+SHIFT+V instead of CONTROL+V to copy without layout.
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