TMS Founder
After 8 years, will no longer be updated.
It was a fun ride, scouring the web for interesting videos pretty much every single day for those last 8 years.
But it has come to the point where updating the wordpress is more a task than a hobby. This is why I have decided to stop updating that part of TMS.
I'm gonna leave the archive up for the good old Google bot (google hates 404s). and now both redirect to an index page I've scrambled together today.
The page is nothing special, but it links through the most popular sections and topics of the forums in a reverse chronological order (top = newest replies/topics). This way the forum is more easily accessible for people otherwise not very familiar with forums. Took a little bit before I figured out how to do this, came upon some weird smf issues, but managed to fix it all today.

Now I can focus wasting my time only on the forums :biggrin: