Nikon unveils its own mirrorless camera


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Nikon unveils its own mirrorless camera

After weeks of teases, Nikon has just unveiled its brand new full-frame mirrorless cameras. The Z7 ($3,399.95) and the Z6 ($1,995.95) represent the company’s most serious effort yet to branch out from its tried and true DSLR business and challenge Sony in the mirrorless market. The two cameras share an identical design but differ in megapixel count and other areas like number of focus points and ISO range. They’re basically a tit-for-tat response to Sony’s A7III and A7RIII, and Nikon is aggressively going several steps beyond what Canon has attempted with mirrorless cameras. The Z7 is a pro-level camera to the point that some people will inevitably face a tough decision between it and Nikon’s still-hard-to-find D850. They took a long time to get here — probably too long — but Nikon seems to be bringing the goods.

Why mirrorless? It allows Nikon to built a more modern, smaller, quieter camera that’s not beholden to old mount designs or lenses. Each Z lens will have a control ring that controls focus, but can be reassigned to adjust aperture, shutter speed, or exposure compensation. These cameras can shoot in complete silence and maintain that whisper-quiet performance when recording video. Don’t get fooled into thinking these cameras are small, though. Think slightly chunkier than a Sony A7RIII. They’re certainly not as hefty as a D850, but not exactly svelte. Both cameras weigh around 1.5 pounds with a battery and memory card inserted.

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Over $3k for a camera. I get that you can take some serious photos with this, but still...