Anon on his daily commute


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> On the train to London
> Really need to fart
> Starting to hurt a bit
> Starting to hurt a lot
> Train shakes a little, want get up to go to the bathroom before I fucking burst
> Don't get the chance, my sphincter can no longer take the strain
> Manage to discreetly edge my buttcheeks apart, comes out slowly but silently
> Pass gas for a Solid 60 seconds > Oh no > Oh god the fucking smell
> People are looking at each other > It's really fucking bad.
> enemyspotted.jpeg > A foreign smell impacts my nostrils
> The dude opposite me is staring me right in the eyes
> He fucking knows, and ripped one of his own
> It's fucking on
> Spread the cheeks a little wider, much as I dare
> Push
> Clearly and loudly shit myself staring into the eyes of a complete stranger.
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