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Forum FAQ & information
You might also want to check the forum rules.

What is the forum? Why should I register or become a part of all this?

The forum is where 90% of the content get posted, if you like what you see on the wordpress ( then you'll also like the forum.
"TMS Pictures" & "TMS Videos" are just two small boards on the forum, there's A LOT more to explore.
We have a lounge, news section, serious discussions, music section, gaming section, funstuff, series & movies,...

TMS is rather a 'close' community, our active userbase is not gigantic, but because of that all members know each-other.

I really like what I see on the wordpress, is there more?

Yes there is, there are four 'TMS Provided Media' boards.
Apart from TMS Pictures & TMS Videos there also is;
  • The Quality Room: Quality videos which can be anything from an awesome stop motion, to a pro-skating film, to an epic lowbudget shortfilm.
  • Galleries/Photography: A place where interesting galleries are posted, again with a wide variety.

Are there hidden boards on the forum?

Yes there are!

We have a High Society Lounge section on the forum.
You can get in by either
  • Gaining a 1000 posts
  • Donating at least €5
The High Society Lounge has;
  • A High Society Chat Topic where we just chit chat between the High Society members.
  • A general discussion board where you can make threads that only members of the High Society are able to see
  • A NSFW section, with high quality pictures, already more then a 1000 NSFW images were posted there. This is all quality material.
  • A VIP/Donators board where we share premium accounts to various websites (xxx) and more.

For the dutch speaking people there is also a Dutch board.
Access is granted for those who are active and request access to me.

What is this AUT/All Unread Topics button?

The All Unread Topics button is a button that shows all new posts and topics on TMS.
Most people on TMS use this button instead of browsing the boards one by one.
With the AUT button you can instantly see a list of new (popular/unpopular/unanswered) topics and new replies to (your) topics.
You're not obligated to use this button, but it does give a nice overview of what's new on the forum.

So I registered, what now?

You might want to

Any extras on TMS?

We have an online directory with images that can be used on the forum.
The directory url is
For more informations please visit the /Epic topic.

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