Things people should probably never Google


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Warning: Google these at your own risk :biggrin:
Of course 90% is NSFW, I marked these in red. Also leaving out the most obvious ones (2 girls, 1... etc), and too gory ones.
  • Anything related to a crime you’re about to commit.
  • Mr. Hands (horse sex case)
  • runthegauntlet (hard to watch videos game)
  • Any symptoms you have. (you'll always end up having cancer, just go to the doctor)
  • Google. Because if you google “google,” every other person around you will think you are an idiot. (and rightfully so)
  • Harlequin Ichthiosis (genetic disorder)
  • Degloving (severe injury)
  • Cyclopia human (like Leela from Futurama)
  • Blue waffle disease (STD)
  • Fournier gangrene (gangrene effecting external genitalia)
  • Anything Hong Kong-related while in China, you will probably get arrested.
  • Images about necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria)
  • Blowfly girl (infamous copypasta)
  • Trypophobia (specific phobia)
  • The Game (ayy)
Protip: If you're worried about seeing images, use urbandictionary.
Credit: Originally derived from a reddit thread by user Windex450.
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