Facts not commonly known The Sperm Whale is the loudest animal on the planet and can literally vibrate you to death


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For today's fun fact!

The sperm whale is the loudest animal on the planet. It makes clicking sounds at a decibel level of 236. That's about twice the decibel level of a thunderclap (120). A jet taking off 80 feet away from you will hit you with about 150 decibels — the point at which your eardrums could rupture.If 150 decibels will rupture your eardrums, what will 236 do to you?

According to James Nestor, an author and journalist who has spent years researching the ocean, sperm whale clicks are so loud that they could vibrate you to death.
Source: https://www.azula.com/sperm-whales-loud-2565849332.html

I only assume that the guy who named the sperm whale wasn’t allowed to name things afterwards.