Interesting facts The arson investigator that was also a serial arsonist


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John Leonard Orr was an arson investigator for the Glendale Fire Department in California. While he was actively working at the Fire Department in the 80s and 90s, Los Angeles was plagued by a series of fires that cost millions of dollars in damage and the lives of four people.
It wasn't until another arson investigator found a "timing-device" used to set a delayed fire with a partial fingerprint, and another investigator discovered that the fires always happened near Fire Investigator meet-ups, that some people began to suspect it was one of their own guys.
After narrowing down the list of suspects by taking into account the travel distances and routes, they eventually found out it was John Leopard Orr all along.
They decided to not arrest him on the spot, but get him for more fires, as they were sure he was the serial arsonist.
In the end they caught him by following him around using a tracking device, seeing a fire start to develop at a store he just visited, watching him drive back home, announce the WRONG address on the radio, and seeing him show up at the CORRECT address.

And here's the story in a mini-documentary (good watch)

This story really gave me the chills, someone you expect to protect people actually burning them alive occasionally for his own amusement is just sick.