June 2018 giveaway: The Crew 2 / Jurassic World Evolution / Game of choice


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In celebration of TMS turning 10 years old on 08/08/2018, I am giving away games for free monthly until that date.
On the last day of the month, a winner will be selected.

For June I will be giving away a game of a maximum value of €60.
By the end of the month both

The Crew 2


Jurassic World Evolution

will have been released. But of course you can also choose a game of your liking (as long as it doesn't exceed €60)

Who can participate?
  • Current members
  • New members that have been active for at least 3 weeks
What will increase your chances?
  • Post count (quality vs quantity though)
  • Active hours (15 minutes in the morning vs throughout the day)
  • Bringing new members to TMS
Other requirements
  • At least 500 posts during from the first of June and the last day of June (17/day)