I return with an about me topic!


Hey guys, I got steam :P
In my house.
So like yea, hi TMS! It's been a while, years infact. Been browsing old stuff and through various forums I'm part of. Then I got here and realised I never did post my introducory post I mentioned about in another thread back in 2013... so here I am 4 years later throwing it up here!

Name - Peter, Rock, Pebble, Rock_TM... any of these or anything of the like :)

Age - Bioligically; 21. Mentally; not so much.

Nationality - British :)

Likes/Dislikes - To many to list, but the main likes are games, booze and boobs!

How did you hear about TMS? - Waayyyyy back in the day when the TMS Minecraft server was listed on Planet Minecraft by Avalkiz (remember him?)