How to become a VIP (Very Important Player)


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Gaining VIP status

There are two ways of gaining VIP status:
Once you've reached 1000 posts on the forum you can reply to this thread asking for the VIP status.
We also need your Steam "Steam3 ID (64bit)" hex code. By using the Steam authentication system we can verify it's actually you.
Find your Steam3 ID here:

You will also unlock all the forum VIP features.

VIP Features

  • View a list of banned players
  • Superjump ability
  • Set your wanted level
  • Clean your character
  • Dry your character
  • Wet your character
  • Keep your vehicle clean
  • Wash your vehicle
  • Change your vehicle's license plate
  • Cycle through your vehicle's seats
  • Keep your engine turned on (even though you are no longer in the vehicle)
  • Disable or enable helmets on bikes
  • Delete your vehicle
  • Ability to flash your high beams automatically while honking
Vehicle Spawning
  • Spawn Emergency Vehicles
  • Spawn Military Vehicles
Personal Vehicle
  • Ability to eject passengers
  • Lock or unlock your personal vehicle
  • Toggle your personal vehicle's alarm
  • Add a blip to your personal vehicle
  • Ability to spawn pedestrians
  • Remove all your weapons
  • Enable or disable unlimmited ammo
  • Spawn weapons (this means actually spawning them on the ground, not inside your inventory)
  • Ability to set all your ammo
VIP Weapons
  • Assault Rifle Mk2
  • Bullpup Rifle Mk2
  • Carbine Rifle Mk2
  • Combat MG Mk2
  • Heavy Sniper Mk2
  • Marksman Rifle Mk2
  • Night Vision
  • Pistol Mk2
  • Pump Shotgun Mk2
  • Railgun
  • Revolver Mk2
  • SMG Mk2
  • SNS Pistol Mk2
  • Special Carbine Mk2
  • StunGun
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Plasma Carbine
  • Plasma Minigun
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Thermal Vision
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