How much $$$$$$ are you worth ?


var nerd; nerd = db_getUser("rafay");

It gives the results in html code so convert it to bbcode with this:

Rafay : The HumanForSale site gives the results for a forum too, just scroll down lol

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I am worth $1,940,330 on - How much are you worth?

Im winning?

Gender: Male - $200,000
Women are given $135,000 to start and men are given $200,000 to start. Want to know why?
Age: 15 - $50,000
This one is pretty simple. We valued younger people more than older people.
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian - $130,000
Different races were valued differently. Think this is wrong, racist or ignorant? Find out more...
Height: 6'3 - $0
Height plays a very important rols in our lives. Especially in how we are treated by others. British and Polish researchers have now provided statistical proof for a fact that many men have always suspected: tall guys have a better chance... Find out more...
Weight/Body Type: 140 lbs. / Slim - $10,000
Discrimination is as much a fact of life for fat people as it is for other people outside the "norm." Fat people earn less money, are turned down for... Find out more...
Hair Color: Blonde - $10,000
Do blondes really have more fun?
Eye Color: Blue - $1,000
The average person blinks about... Find out more...
Handed: Right - $5,000
Approximately 8 to 15% of the adult population is left-handed. More fun facts...
Body Hair: A Little Hairy - $10,000
Want to know what Werewolf Syndrome is?
Shoe Size: 10 - $0
The largest feet in the world belong to a Mr Matthew McGrory who lives in America whose feet are a whopping size... Find out more...
Bald: No - $5,000
Do women prefer bald men?
20/20 Eyesight: Yes - $5,000
Do carrots really improve your vision?
Cavities: 1-2 - $1,000
How much is the Tooth Fairy paying per tooth?
Athletic Ability: Average - $35,000
Attractiveness: Above Average - $100,000
IQ: 99 - ($33,335)
Why is IQ so important?
SAT Score: NA - $0
HS GPA: 3.4 - $323,000
Education: High School - $0
Bilingual: Yes - $0
Income: Less than $20,000 - $0
Profession: Student - $0
Alcohol: Seldom - $0
Smoker: Yes - ($50,000)
Your appeal to the opposite sex could triple... Find out more...
Pot: Yes - ($15,000)
Drugs: No - $10,000
Exercise: Seldom - $2,500
Divorced: No - $0
First wife makes out like millionaire, husband and second wife reduced to poverty.
Comitted Felony: No - $15,000
Watch Television: Occasionally - $5,000
Sitting too close to the TV could... Find out more...
Sexuality: Straight - $0
Style: Above Average - $45,000
Artistic Ability: Average - $30,000
Sense of Humor: Excellent - $65,000
Addictive Personality: No - $10,000
Give to Charity: No - $0
Adult Content: Seldom - $0
Gamble: Never - $0
Who wan'ts to purchase me?


var nerd; nerd = db_getUser("rafay");
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<a href="" title="IQ Test"><img src="" width="200" height="100" alt="IQ Test" border="0"></a> - <a title="IQ Test" href="">IQ Test</a> :guns: