Essential Live Performances / Concerts


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Watching a great concert -whether it's on your headphones and a PC monitor, or on a huge LED TV and surround system- is fantastic.
Since I'm a bit of a quality and download maniac myself I'm gonna list the best live performances/concerts you can buy/download.

I also have a lot of SD performances (mainly MTV unplugged concerts) but I'm only going to list blu-ray level quality here.

If you like any of the bands listed below, I suggest you go buy/download the show asap.

In no particular order:

Queen: Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Blows me away every time I watch it, Freddy's performance is out of this world.

AC/DC live at Donnington

Best AC/DC performance out there, without a doubt.

The Doors live at the Bowl 1986

Jim Morisson, you magnificent bastard, a fantastic performance.

The Eagles live at Capitol Center, 1977

No widescreen unfortunately, still a great concert. Opens with "Hotel California".
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