[Dream house] “Familiar House” – Marbella, Spain


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Welcome to the Familiar House in Marbella, Spain.

This exclusive 2872m²/31,000ft² house was designed by A-cero and Joaquin Torres Arquitectos and is located in one of the most exclusive developments in the sun coast: Puerto Banús.
The project finished in 2011.

The property is developed in three levels:
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[*]The low floor is the most public space and includes the living-room, kitchen, dining room, laundry and a little service room.
[*]The first floor is the most private area and here we can find the bedrooms and a little office.
[*]The ground floor is dedicated to a relax area, with a spa, an internal pool, gym and garage. The large central courtyards that articulate the property core give light to this level of the house.”