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Since Word burns Mave's eyes, I'm posting my synopsis here too. If anyone has comments or improvements, let me know! Also, this is a very brief synopsis. If I made any jumps that made sense to me, but don't to you, don't hesitate to ask.

Following info is up do date for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Most of the plot concerns AC1 through AC3 (this means Assassin’s Creed 1, Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Assassin’s Creed 3), with some of it extending into Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

Assassin’s Creed’s story is split in two parts: the modern world, and the historic world. Most of the gameplay is in the historic part, but it all connects to the modern world.

The world as they write it, is controlled by The Templars. The only persons fighting against them (and who are aware of the Templars ruling the world), is the Assassins Order. Basically, Templars bad, Assassins good.

Assassin's Creed 1
The story going from AC1 through AC3 focusses on Desmond Miles, a bartender who has been kidnapped by Abstergo, who owns a large part of the global market. They own everything, from construction to pharmacy to games. And yeah, they’re run by the Templars. One of their projects is the Animus.

The Animus is a device that allows uses to look at memories of their ancestors. The major plot point for this is that your DNA contains the memories of your ancestors, and the Animus allows you to look through them.

Desmond is forced to look through the memories of one of his ancestors, Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad, a man who lived during the Third Crusade. He is told to focus his search on references to something called The Apple of Eden, a supposedly powerful weapon. This is where the historic world comes in. The game follows the memories of Altair, beginning with his demotion in the Assassin order, and following him on his redemption. His demotion was because he was cocky and brutal, and broke several rules the Assassin order had in place. Mostly, it just was a convenient way to strip the player of his power.

The game ends with Altair discovering a hidden Templar agent, who is none other than his mentor, Al Mualim. The final battle is against Al Mualim, who, surprise, wields the Apple of Eden. After the battle, Altair holds the Apple, which shows him a map, containing the locations of other Pieces of Eden.

There, the historic part ends, and the modern world continues by Desmond getting killed. In the last second, he is saved by one of the lab techs, Lucy. She reveals herself to be a member of the Assassin order, working as a hidden agent in the Templar company. The game ends with Desmond in his room, where he suddenly realizes he has now gained the abilities of his ancestors, which is a side effect of the Animus. In particular, the “eagle eye” ability is featured. If you activate it, you can see around the room, which is covered with hidden scribbles made by the previous test subject.

Assassin's Creed 2
AC2 starts with Lucy and Desmond fleeing the Templar building, and joining Lucy’s friend and fellow Assassin’s (although they’re not the stabby kind), Shaun and Rebecca. Shaun is a historian, and Rebecca is a tech wizard. They have their own Animus, and Desmond goes in again, this time going through the memories of a different ancestor, to find more about the Pieces of Eden.

They focus on Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, an young Italian nobleman. The first thing he does is get into a fight, then flee the guards, before hooking up with his fuckbuddy. The next morning, he finds out his father and brothers have been arrested, and are being executed. Yes, it’s a wild ride.

Unbeknownst to Ezio, his father and brothers were working for the Assassins, and the man convicting them to death was working for the Templars. Ezio and his remaining family (his mother and sister), flee to his uncle Mario’s estate, Monterrigioni villa. There, Ezio is inducted into the Assassin ranks, and learns to fight.

The rest of the game follows Ezio as he takes his revenge against the men who commanded his family’s death, Rodrigo Borgia. Yes, that Borgia. Ezio kills his way to the dude, and finds out that Borgia possesses the Apple of Eden. Ezio corners him, and Borgia hands over the Apple and flees. Ezio returns to the villa, and is hailed as a prophet by the other Assassins.

Several years later, they find out that Borgia has become pope, and is using his position to empower the Templars. Ezio confronts him, and discovers that the Papal Staff is another Piece of Eden. After the final battle, Ezio uses the Staff and the Apple to open a secret vault. In that vault, which is surprisingly futuristic, he meets a hologram of a beautiful woman, who speaks in a language he doesn’t understand.

The reason is that the language is modern English. The woman calls herself Minerva, and is speaking directly to Desmond, through the memories of Ezio. Trippy, I know.

Here’s where shit gets weird. It’s explained that she is not human, but rather of a race referred to as the Precursors. They pre-date humanity, but where wiped out by a disaster, which is now threatening humankind. A hint to this was already dropped in AC1: if you find all hidden symbols, you get a short cutscene of a naked man and woman (named Adam and Eve) escaping from a futuristic building. It’s implied that the Precursors owned Adam and Eve as pets, or zoo animals.

The game ends with Desmond waking up from the Animus, and their hideout being attacked by Abstergo. They flee, heading towards Italy.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Desmond and his friends head towards Monterrigioni, where they set up shop and once more sift through the memories of Ezio. They are trying to find out where Ezio hid the Apple of Eden.

However, it is soon revealed that the village is attacked by enemy forces, who kill Mario and steal the Apple. And yes, it was the Borgia’s. Again.

Ezio gives chase, and this time fights them in Rome. There, he is contacted by several people who want to help him overthrow the Borgia’s, and it’s shown how Ezio basically becomes the leader of the new Assassin’s Order. The rest of the game is just overthrowing the Borgia family, ending with Ezio killing the man who killed his uncle, and taking back the Apple. He then hides the Apple in a secret room underneath the Colosseum.

With this information, Desmond and co. head towards the Colosseum, and break in to get the apple. This is possible because Desmond has spent so much time in the Animus, he has completely assimilated with his Assassin ancestors, gaining their skills at climbing, jumping, and stabbing. He recovers the apple, and another hologram lady pops out, this one calling herself Juno.

Juno jabbers a bit about who she is, and then takes control of Desmond’s body to stab Lucy. She did this, because of course Lucy had turned sides again, and had defected to the Templars. The game ends with Desmond falling into a coma.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Revelations is the final game of the Ezio saga. It shows Ezio in his later years, as mentor of the Italian Assassins Order. He travels to Constantinople, to figure out what Altair was up to. He helps a young prince become Sultan, by killing his Templar brother, and Ezio discovers the rest of Altair’s story.

The story is that Altair was usurped by another Assassin, and was exiled for 20 years. After his return, he returns, kills the usurper, and writes down his memories on 5 strange stones that allow others to see his memories (just roll with it). Another hologram appears before Ezio, and he realizes the message it delivers is not for him, but for Desmond.

The hologram calls himself Jupiter (do you start to see the theme here?), and tells Desmond that the apocalyptic event that will wipe out humanity is a massive solar flare. He also says that, conveniently, there is a way to protect the earth, and it is in a vault hidden beneath modern day New York.

Now, in the modern world, not much happens. Desmond is in a coma the entire time, his mind protected by the Animus. The ghost of the previous subject (Subject 16, Clay), tells him that the only way to not die, is to further sync with the memories of Ezio. After finishing the last memories of Ezio, Desmond wakes up, and is greeted by his friends, Shaun and Rebecca, and a new third guy, who turns out to be Desmond’s father.

Surprise! Desmond’s dad is an Assassin too. The game ends with them heading towards New York.

Assassin's Creed III
AC3 starts with Desmond opening the vault beneath New York, but behind the first door that opens with the Apple, is a second door, which won’t open. Desmond goes unconscious again, and is put in the Animus. There he witnesses the memories of Haytham Kenway, a british man, who assassinates a man in the opera, and stealing the victim’s pendant. Haytham then travels to America, where he plans to use the medallion to open the vault Desmond is currently in. after failing, he wanders a bit, falling in love with his Mohawk guide, and eventually impregnating her.

After getting his chick pregnant, he goes back to civilization, where it is revealed that Haytham is not an Assassin, but a Templar. Immediately that scene, the game shifts, and the player is given control of Haytham's son Ratonhnhaké:ton. And since that name is ridiculous, we’ll be calling him Connor.

The second part starts kinda depressing, with Connor witnessing British troops burning down his village, and killing his mother. Connor swears revenge, and time skips. Now, He has found a Piece of Eden (somehow), and Juno appears, telling him to find an old Assassin named Achilles. Connor does so, and receives training in becoming an Assassin. However, he’s too hot headed and impulsive to Achilles’ liking, which rolls him into a nice character progression arc about Connor becoming more tempered.

During this time, Connor meets the Patriots, and aides them in the American Revolution. At one point, you are even tasked to help Paul Revere by spreading the message about the lanterns (“one if by land, two if by sea!”). Another, you protect George Washington himself.

Finally, you find the man who has killed your mother, a prominent Templar, who is holding the amulet Haytham took in the opening sequence. Juno appears again, and tells Connor to hid the amulet, which allows Desmond to find it, and open the vault.

Inside the vault, Desmond finds the control sphere that would stop the solar flare from wiping out humanity. However, both Juno and Minerva appear. Juno is egging him on, but Minerva tells him to stop. It’s shown that the control sphere would release Juno, which would stop the flare, but would also allow her to manifest herself in this world, and she doesn’t really believe in sharing it with humans.

The game end with Desmond opening the sphere, releasing Juno. She stops the harmful effects of the solar flare, but the resulting blast of energy kills Desmond.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (my favorite)
In this game, Desmond is dead. In the Modern world, you don’t work for the group of Assassins, but rather as an employee of Abstergo’s gaming industry. Abstergo have recovered some of Desmond’s DNA, and are using it to find out more about the Pieces of Eden. They do so by letting employee’s go through them, under the guise of “we’re making a game, here’s some history, find us something cool”.

In the historic world, you play as Edward Kenway, a pirate in the Golden Age of Piracy. You’re given a ship, and a goal, and told to go fuck shit up.

The story starts with Kenway working as a privateer (which was a pirate working for the Crown). He attacks a vessel in a storm, and both ships sink. He washes ashore a nearby island, and sees a sole survivor of the other ship. Kenway chases him, and kills him. The victim turns out to be an Assassin who turned sides, and was on his way to Kingston with sensitive information. Kenway takes his clothes and weapons, and continues the dead mans’ mission, in an attempt to get some money out of it.

After delivering the information, Kenway is imprisoned for being a pirate, and is shipped off on the Spanish Gold Fleet. On his way, he escapes and captures a ship, dubbing her the Jackdaw. He then goes on a pirating whirlwind, plundering ships and cities, and forming alliances with known pirates such as Edward Thatch (Blackbeard), Benjamin Hornigold, and others.

Eventually, the Assassins find him, and he goes on a redemption quest, eventually being betrayed by a fellow pirate and stranded on a deserted island. Afterwards, he attempts to fix his mistakes, and goes out to kill the Templars he accidently helped in the beginning.

The plot turns out to be that the information the Assassin-turned-Templar in the beginning had, was information to find a place called The Observatory. It’s a Precursor device that allows anyone to see through the eyes of anyone else. To find it, they need to find a man called The Sage. The quests lead you to find The Sage, and then The Observatory. Finally, he seals away the artifact opening The Observatory, and then moves to England with his unknown daughter, and new son, Haytham. Yes, that Haytham.

In the modern world, Abstergo has acquired DNA sample, and is also trying to find The Observatory. The player, as an unnamed worker in the Abstergo gaming offices, is told to find information on it, but it constantly contacted by “John” from IT. He gives you certain tasks, such as snooping on the CEO’s meetings, and hacking into certain servers. You are also tasked to deliver some intel to two “couriers” in the hallway, Shaun and Rebecca.

At the end, it’s revealed that John is the reincarnation of The Sage, and that Juno is also somehow present in Abstergo’s mainframe. It’s revealed that The Sage is a constant reincarnation, inserted into the human bloodline by Juno, who took the mind of her lover, and digitalized it. As such, The Sage (John), is constantly trying to resurrect Juno. He fails, and is shot by Abstergo security. Finally, the player is contacted by the Assassin order, in order to help them further infiltrate into Abstergo’s network.


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Since Word burns Mave's eyes, I'm posting my synopsis here too.
Love the intro.

The story has a lot more depth than I always thought. I thought you were just a hired assassin and had to kill person x and y in every game. Boy was I wrong.

What were the writers smoking while creating these stories? Some of these things are pretty crazy.

It’s implied that the Precursors owned Adam and Eve as pets, or zoo animals.
Also if someone else doesn't know what Borgia is: (had to ask Sty)
Same for Haytham:

and the player is given control of Haytham's son Ratonhnhaké:ton. And since that name is ridiculous, we’ll be calling him Connor.

You’re given a ship, and a goal, and told to go fuck shit up.
Sounds awesome.

Thanks for writing thisout @Stybar ! Love how much real history is connected throughout the games.


Yeah, the devs pride themselves on being close to reality. I actually knew how to find some landmarks in Venice because of AC.

Also, the clip of Adam and Eve was in AC2, not AC1. You can watch it here.

And yeah, Black Flag is by far my favorite, because you get a lot of free reign. After unlocking some upgrades, you can basically just sail across the sea, fucking shit up. It's awesome.


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And yeah, Black Flag is by far my favorite, because you get a lot of free reign. After unlocking some upgrades, you can basically just sail across the sea, fucking shit up. It's awesome.
Sounds fantastic. Makes me wonder why there are no pirate games besides this one. (and maybe Sea Of Thieves)