Any interest in Ark, Conan, Eve Online so on?


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Wichita, KS

I'm not sure how many would know me after being away for years. I was pretty active back in the days of TMS minecraft as a player and eventually admin for a time before it shut down.

I've been mainly active on Survival genre games like Ark, Dark and light, Conan exiles, the forest, and eve Online. Though I've yet to find the same atmosphere of community I experienced on TMS. I still talk to many players I met on the TMS minecraft server though sadly many of them seem to be stuck on minecraft still or playing csgo or paladins...if they even still game.

I was looking through my old projects and came across TMS so figured I'd come on and say hi in case anyone I knew is still active on here. Bonus if anyone is interested in the games I listed :)

Cool to see the forums are still up here and I hope you're all doing well!


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Good to hear from you Sketchman! I remember the TMS Minecraft days like it was yesterday, those were some great times indeed!
Please send my best regards to the other old members you still communicate with.

Sadly I can't say I have played any of the games you listed. I guess mainly time is the problem for me. I do hope maybe someone else here plays/is interested in those games.