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>be me
>live with a girl
>have been with her for 6 years now
>there's one problem
>she only uses me to satisfy her primal urges
>every single morning and sometimes before bed she remembers my existence and wants me to fulfil her bodily needs >that's it
>besides that I have no other functions in the relationship
>because of it im always stressed and think about losing her, being replaced, always worry that I no longer satisfy her, think that I've become rusty
>then suddenly
>one day she comes back home visibly depressed
>doesn't look at me at all for a while
>after a week she suddenly remembers that I exist, and this time it seems like she believes I can help in other ways
>she wants to go to the bathroom for some reason
>we go there, the bath is filled with hot water
>she wants us to bathe together
>she gets in first, then helps me climb in as well
>suddenly drops me
>she's immediately electrocuted
>mfw im a toaster
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