Information All houses, their cost, and their rewards


TMS Founder
Name: The Gables
Cost: Free (first house)
Reward: Drone Mode

Name: Sunflower Meadows
Cost: 200,000 credits
Reward: Green Wellies (clothing), Super Wheelspin

Name: creditsoftdale Farm
Cost: 200,000 credits
Reward: Sheep (Horn), Super Wheelspin

Name: Kingfisher Cottage
Cost: 350,000 credits
Reward: Rubber Ducky Horn, Wheelspin

Name: Thatch Corner
Cost: 500,000 credits
Reward: "Are We There Yet" chat phrase, 2 Super Wheelspins

Name: Castleview Road
Cost: 750,000 credits
Reward: Red Velvet Blazer, 3 Super Wheelspins

Name: The Huntsman's Lodge
Cost: 750,000 credits
Reward: Skill Songs are unlocked on the radio, 3 Super Wheelspins

Name: Derwent Mansion
Cost: 1,500,000 credits
Reward: Golden Tank Top, 5 Super Wheelspins

Name: Fairlawn Manor
Cost: 2,000,000 credits
Reward: Fast Travel Anywhere, Silver Top Hat, 10 Super Wheelspins

Name: Lake Lodge
Cost: 5,000,000 credits or Free w/VIP
Reward: 5 Super Wheelspins, Double #Forzathon Points

Name: Bamburgh Castle
Cost: 10,000,000 credits
Reward: Barn Find Rumor, 10 Super Wheelspins

Name: Edinburgh Castle
Cost: 15,000,000 credits
Reward: Alfa Romeo P3, 10 Super Wheelspins

Total Cost for all houses with VIP: 31.25 million credits for all houses
Total Cost for all houses without VIP: 36.25 million credits for all houses