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  1. Stybar Idiot brake-checks a truck

    It's just "claiming insanity", AFAIK.
  2. Stybar A security camera that shoots rubber bullets

    Oh man. They're aiming right for the butt too.
  3. Stybar Magic water flow

  4. Stybar Idiot brake-checks a truck

    "Yes sir, I was just doing like I always do, acting like a dickhead. What? My IQ? Lower than 60, of course!"
  5. Stybar Busted.

    Maybe she's taking the photo with her brother? And that dude is in fact her boyfriend/husband?
  6. Stybar "Whaaa?!"

    Everything about this just screams "HIPSTER"
  7. Stybar Truck almost crushes car

    How the fuck do those things even come off? Dude must have been way overloaded, no?
  8. Stybar Seals hitch a ride

    "Larry? Larry, this iceberg moves. It's moving, Larry"
  9. Stybar 360 snow flip

    I wonder how many cars they wrecked before they figured that one out.
  10. Stybar Svalbard, Norway

    They look like some weird barbershop quartet.
  11. Stybar Incredible detail in a painting

    For when the answer to the question "How much free time do you have?" is just "yes"
  12. Stybar Lighting an insane amount of fireworks

    Funny indeed. My dad always went to Belgium to get fireworks (when we still lived in the NL)...
  13. Stybar The border between Sweden and Norway

    Hmm, curious. Thanks for the info!
  14. Stybar Pilot humor

    I always liked the "pretend to be blind" prank as well.
  15. Stybar Lighting an insane amount of fireworks

    It's the same in the Netherlands, I can tell you that much. And IIRC, there is a limit to how much you can buy in one go... Which is why a lot of people go get fireworks in Belgium.
  16. Stybar

    Shared BPM music videos

    Some pokemon jams, courtesy of Seth Everman. Can't have a vid from him without him staring deeply into the camera, of course.
  17. Stybar The border between Sweden and Norway

    Hmm, how sure are you that this is Sweden/Norway? Because they are both part of the Shengen, although that wouldn't matter since there is no fence... I remember a CGP Grey vid about the border between USA and Canada being like this.
  18. Stybar An endangered Mexican Alligator Lizard

    That's a beautiful lizard. I like the color.
  19. Stybar Labrador loves pile of leaves

    yaaaaaaaaaay *floompf*