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  1. Stybar

    Rameses B - Raindrops (Ft. Rhode)

    Meanwhile, Rameses B dropped a new LP. And good God it's great.
  2. Stybar

    Night Club - "Show It 2 Me"

    Yeah, I'm posting this here for the vid. It's 360, so don't forget to pan!
  3. Stybar

    Guns Akimbo

    The source for the weird Daniel Radcliffe pic that circled the internet a few years ago is finally known (well, officially, anyway). And I gotta admit, it looks pretty interesting.
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  5. Stybar

    Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO

    Honestly, that road looks incredible to just drive on regularly.
  6. Stybar

    Right Now

    So, there's a metal band called Nekogoblikon. Their music is... an acquired taste. Very hardcore. However, their music videos are hilarious. Now, their mascot is, very fittingly, a goblin called John Goblikon. He's also the main character in most of their music videos. One of the things he...
  7. Stybar

    Cats In Therapy

  8. Stybar

    Unleash The Archers - Northwest Passage

    New song by my fav band <3 Yeah, this has been on repeat all day.
  9. Stybar

    GRiZ - Can't Hold Me Down

    For the people interesting in the song from the BL3 trailer, here you go. It's a fucking awesome song. The guy's other songs are pretty sweet too.
  10. Stybar

    Dunk Tank

    So Dunkey started his own podcast. Giving this a listen now, but c'mon. It's Dunkey.
  11. Stybar

    Assassin's Creed Synopsis

    Since Word burns Mave's eyes, I'm posting my synopsis here too. If anyone has comments or improvements, let me know! Also, this is a very brief synopsis. If I made any jumps that made sense to me, but don't to you, don't hesitate to ask. Following info is up do date for Assassin’s Creed: Black...
  12. Stybar

    True Facts: The Lemur

  13. Stybar

    [Metal] Jinjer - Pisces

    Wait for 1:10.
  14. Stybar

    Stan Lee died at 95 years old The first time a Marvel movie will be shown with "In memory of Stan Lee" will be a sad moment. F
  15. Stybar

    Leaked Harry Potter game in development by Rocksteady

    Reddit is blowing up. Searching for the video on YouTube just results in dozens of reaction and analyzation vids, but the original is buried. The hype meter has been turned to 11 for this one.
  16. Stybar

    The Majestic World of Dolphins

    Very interesting.
  17. Stybar

    Venezuelan Runescape Players Farm Gold So They Don't Starve To Death

    Venezuela is in the midst of an economic collapse. What was once the wealthiest major economy in Latin America is now suffering from shortages of essential goods like food and electricity, as well as spikes in crime and unemployment. To put dinner on the table, many are turning to unconventional...
  18. Stybar

    Farming Simulator 19 Trailer

    Looks sick. Great self awareness, I love it.
  19. Stybar

    True Facts : Carnivorous Plants

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