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    In Tyler We Trust - Lies (Moxix VIP)

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    Sketpa - Rolex Sweep (Vandilism Remix)

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    David Guetta - Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj)

    Gotta admit... as much as I hate Guetta and Minaj... im digging this song.
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    deadmau5 - Strobe (Special Features Rework)

    A-FUCKING-MAZING REMIX!~!~!~! :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta...
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    Not only did GoDaddy help write SOPA, they are also exempt from it. Scumbags. I can't fucking believe this shit. Seriously, FUCK GoDaddy. DDOS the mother fuck out of those cock suckers.
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    Porter Robinson - Unison (Modigs Remix)

    Digging that synth chorus :megusta:
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    Feed Me - Pink Lady

    Another banger from Feed Me. How the fuck hasn't he blown up like Skrillex? This guy is amazing!
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    1000 Posts and 1 long year!

    1000 Posts, and pretty much one year (Tomorrow is my 1 year). Jesus with the post count of some of you guys, ill be here in my 40s's just catching up to mave :P :clap: It's been fun, heres to another year!
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    Foster the people - Helena Beat

    Catchy :biggrin:
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    DrivePilot - Stuntman

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    Kids At The Bar - So We Can Party

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    An eye opening speech.

    Are we really this predictable? We need change.
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    Deadly attack in Beligum city. Guns and grenades. Washington Post* News reports say 2 dead, 10 injured after hand grenade explosions in Belgian city of Liege 16 mins ago Attackers Throw Explosives in Belgian Town, Killing Two 17 mins ago Sky News Fatal 'Hand Grenade'...
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    Sigma feat. Angie Brown & T-Phonic - Do You Love (Infuze Remix)

    Really quite enjoying this sensation of sound :3 :thumbsup: :fool3:
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    Just an average day at Black Mesa Labs...

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    Drift Cats

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    Lupe Fiasco - Friend Of The People Mixtape

    Amazing mix tape! LASERS was a bit disappointing but this tape brings that old school lupe style back with a fucking vengeance! That's the last song on the album. That's the link to get your copy...
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