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  1. Mauri

    [Steam] For Honor - Starter Edition (Free)

    Check the page, as in this embed it shows you standard edition!
  2. Mauri

    Coming Soon to GTA Online: BIKERS and More

    Is this it!? Time to get massive beards? We'll see! Bikers, the next big addition to GTA Online, brings the eagerly-anticipated ability to form and lead your very own Motorcycle Club for up to 8 players. Bikers will introduce new roles to play from fresh Prospects to club Presidents with a...
  3. Mauri

    [Chill] Tony Mahoney - Nightmares

    Not sure what genre this is called, but it surely is chill. I love this kind of music.
  4. Mauri

    [Electro-Swing] Skeewiff & The Golden Jubilee Quartet - Brutha Noah

    Another great song from Skeewiff.
  5. Mauri

    Mayer Hawthorne - Her Favourite Song (Oliver Remix)

    God damn I love this remix. :love: Not sure which board I should drop this, so I decided to post it here.
  6. Mauri

    Magic for dogs

    "Do dogs react to magic? Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses. By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick" Cute :laugh:
  7. Mauri

    The C90s - Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)

    Finally I got myself to look for this song, love it :love: GTA V ayeaye
  8. Mauri

    Mousse T. - Horny '98

    Horny horny horny~
  9. Mauri

    Finland Writes History With Crowdsourced Copyright Law

    Finland is the first country in the world in which Parliament will vote on a “fairer” copyright law that has been crowdsourced by the public. The proposal, which obtained the required 50,000 Finnish votes just a day before the deadline, seeks to decriminalize file-sharing and legalize the...
  10. Mauri

    Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise (Parov Stelar Official Remix)

    Beautiful remix from Parov. :love:
  11. Mauri

    The Headache [SFM]

    Quality SFM movie, really well made.
  12. Mauri

    Joey Quits (guy quits job w/ marching band)

  13. Mauri

    Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

    Onion News. :love: Old stuff, but since PS4 is coming, this is quite spot on.
  14. Mauri

    Yes - Roundabout

    dat 0:44 :love:
  15. Mauri

    L.A. Noire Gag Reel

    "This video was officially released by "Depth Analysis", the Australian tech firm that supplied the motion-tracking technology used by Team Bondi in LA Noire" Hilarious, gotta love the technology.
  16. Mauri

    Star Wars Call Me Maybe

  17. Mauri

    Pet Penguin in Japan