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  1. Stybar

    Media Red Dead Redemption 2: Screenshots

    Never heard of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged? If you ever have a few hours with nothing to do, go watch the entire series. It's long as fuck, but so worth it.
  2. Stybar

    2019 Formula One World Championship

    Good news for the Red Bull/Verstappen fans, though.
  3. Stybar

    Game of Thrones

    Steve Hofstetter is a stand up comic, and his youtube channel is hilarious. He mostly posts videos where he tears into hecklers, though.
  4. Stybar A Falcon's Head Stabilization

    Chicken Pad Thai for me, man.
  5. Stybar

    Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO

    China is so big, of course it's bound to have some of the most beautiful nature. Just imagine going for a nice, peaceful walk, and suddenly you hear this hellish shrieking and roaring coming from above.
  6. Stybar

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ozzy Osbourne - Over the Mountain
  7. Stybar Bruce Wee

    Going by the title, I was expecting a penis joke, somehow.
  8. Stybar

    Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO

    Honestly, that road looks incredible to just drive on regularly.
  9. Stybar

    Anon tries xCloud

    But isn't xCloud a cloud-based service? Meaning that the processing of the NPC's is done of a remote server? The only way the phone would melt is because OP is playing it on a potato.
  10. Stybar A Falcon's Head Stabilization

    A better revenge is to just eat the bastards. I eat chicken almost exclusively, that's how much I hate the feathered shits.
  11. Stybar Rough day at sea

    I'm guessing becoming a sailor kinda requires you to not have a penchant for sea sickness.
  12. Stybar

    How to re-enable Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

    Honestly, I just use Honeyview. Far superior.
  13. Stybar

    Anon gets robbed

    This is like the opposite of cringe, if he kept his mouth shut about not realizing it. It would have been a pure Alpha move.
  14. Stybar A Falcon's Head Stabilization

    Don't. They'll just shit over your legs.
  15. Stybar

    Starter Packs

    I liked the first season very much, but the second a lot less. Still, like I said, it's the first major production I've seen that "gets it right", besides from some obviously intentional mistakes, such as an impossible IP address (similar to 555 phone numbers).
  16. Stybar Rough day at sea

    Sounds better than drowning...
  17. Stybar A Falcon's Head Stabilization

    It appears to be a common thing among birds.
  18. Stybar Rough day at sea

    IIRC, they used to tie themselves to the mast, using a long piece of rope.
  19. Stybar

    Starter Packs

    Most IT stuff in Hollywood is usual complete and utter bullshit. Mr Robot did it right, but all the rest...
  20. Stybar Ghost party

    You can totally see her... errr...