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  1. Grazy.

    Need for Speed poster starring Aaron Paul

    I have high hopes for this.
  2. Grazy.

    5 years of TMS Forums

    Congratulations, TMS!
  3. Grazy.

    The Oldschool Thread

    ^ It was actually his birthday on the 10th of July - happy birthday to that brilliant bastard.
  4. Grazy.

    EA considering offline mode for SimCity

    Offline? Oh, that train departed a long time ago.
  5. Grazy.

    Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

    This song is freaking awesome, if anybody here hasn't seen The Great Gatsby, watch it, it's pretty cool.
  6. Grazy.

    What are you listening to right now?

    M83 - Midnight City
  7. Grazy.

    You have a mission.

    One of them is the game we're supposed to be looking for, others are DotA2 keys.
  8. Grazy.

    What TV show scared the shit out of you as a kid?

    X-Files. Definitely X-Files.
  9. Grazy.

    'Superbia', starring me

    That's awesome, damn good job so far.
  10. Grazy.

    Our backyard snowpark season

    Looks great, I should join next season.
  11. Grazy.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Diablo I/II - Tristram Theme
  12. Grazy.

    [CookieContest #7] TheMaveSite's imgur images

    I voted 5003.
  13. Grazy.

    Classical Music FTP with 1000s of songs

    Sweet! Thanks, man!
  14. Grazy.

    Unlock the 007 in you

    Best commercial I've seen in a long time.
  15. Grazy.

    The Advice Dog Variations Thread

    Re: [NSFW] The Advice Dog Variations Thread
  16. Grazy.

    5 Old Children's Cartoons Way Darker Than Most Horror Movies

    Meh, Courage the Cowardly Dog beats all of them by a mile.
  17. Grazy.

    Oh Grazy

    Re: Oh Inku ;_; My friend posted that image, I don't browse the site at all. I promise! EDIT: For proof, here is his 9fag page: (As you can see, he's Estonian.) inb4 im making it worse
  18. Grazy.

    Good post / bad post

    inb4 Somebody butthurt goes around disliking all the posts. My opinion is the same as Maff's.