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    [TUTORIAL] Command Prompt Tricks

    Most of you probably know these but are blocked on school PCs and whatnot, but still there's a way to get to command prompt even if its blocked.. Here's how to do it: Run :: (not a website trust me) :: press enter - there you have it.. command prompt! :) It's no secret that in...
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    Is your PC ready for GTA San Andreas?

    Edit: upgrades ftw If you can't play GTA SA on your PC you should go out and buy more parts!! :: Select Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PC
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    P.U.R.E - All Terrain Vehicle Freestyle Stunts & Racing (*Awesome*)

    Review from IGN: Pure is a racer with the soul of an extreme sports game. There are times when you'll be gunning for the finish line above all else, focused only on hitting your racing line and digging in to take corners perfectly. But most of your time will be spent doing things that...
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    Gooooooooooooood Morning! I am calling from Zanzibar; What is your SORT code??

    If you think I'm from Zanzibar, I'm not. I'm Alex - 13, English, Male, 6ft 2" Not much to post really just get to know me whenever ya decide to PM me or something :)