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    Any interest in Ark, Conan, Eve Online so on?

    Hey, I'm not sure how many would know me after being away for years. I was pretty active back in the days of TMS minecraft as a player and eventually admin for a time before it shut down. I've been mainly active on Survival genre games like Ark, Dark and light, Conan exiles, the forest...
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    Phobos PVP Minecraft Server

    I've played on here as well, pretty good server since TMS shut down theirs. Many old TMS players moved here, though can't say how many are still active. Ones I can think of right off hand, rock star_248 obviously, Regal_360, sirhumpsalot, gothic drakanas, xe709, and I know there's more I can't...
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    Well, there is still some talk of Minecraft on TMS after all. I just seen Avalkiz on Skype and it made me wonder about the forums. I have been playing on the server started by Satisfiction since shortly after TMS closed. Rock is right, there's some other TMS players still on there. Though like...
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    New Mirror’s Edge Is Open World, Coming to PC

    I loved Mirrors Edge, this one looks very promising. I'm pre-ordering my ps4 soon, this will certainly be one of the games I'll get.
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    It actually rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptunus

    I'm impressed, I've always been fascinated by science. This is one more wonder of the galaxy. I wish I would be alive to see man kind spread across the galaxy.
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    Regarding HOMESKILLET1231

    Wow, This shit I love, hilarious!