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  1. luggi

    AC/DC - Hells Bells (from Live at River Plate)

    Man, THAT concert.
  2. luggi

    AC/DC - Hells Bells (from Live at River Plate)

    There's nothing more to say. Argentinia, what the bloody fuck. Raw energy there, fuck. yeah.
  3. luggi

    General chit-chat

    Oh god, that telephone call is way too good
  4. luggi

    General chit-chat

    fffffffFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCK who the fuck even let zuckerburg acquire instagram and whatsapp....
  5. luggi

    General chit-chat

    What the fuck. What. The. Fuck. What the fuck do these people think. Looking for functional solutions is fine, but this is catastrophic.
  6. luggi This guy doesn't need a wingsuit

    wrong link doe
  7. luggi

    Technology: General Discussion

    Fucking Vogel TV-Mounts. Expensive as fuck, as any other damn TV-Mount. Why the actual fuck, actually. It's more or less just 3 Pieces of damn metal and some screws, god damnit... I never understood.
  8. luggi

    [2015] [HOUSE] Steve Murphy & Dj Octopus - Raw Escape

    yeeeeeeez. Long intros tho, might be too repetitive for some. but when that piano hits
  9. luggi

    [2019] [Techno] Konrad - Possible

  10. luggi

    Vienna Phil Banda - Maxglaner Reloaded

    After a hardcore dnb, crossbreed and indutrial hardcore session yesterday evening, I'm going back to my roots. For those who actually make it thru, yes, it is actually the Black Eyed Peas. (Or Miserlou by Dick Dale, ha..)
  11. luggi

    Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

    Tiny desk sessions all together are sooooooooooooooooooo gooooood.
  12. luggi

    [2011] [LQ] BCee & S.P.Y. - Anybody Out There (Friction & K-Tee Remix)

    One of my favourit songs right now.
  13. luggi

    SA-MP Map Stealers

    That has been around for ages. Sadly.
  14. luggi

    What are you listening to right now?

    Drum and Bass.
  15. luggi

    Anyone wanting a dog someday?

    The only thing i hate about pets (especially cats and dogs) is that their hair is like everywhere. I wouldn't mind if they would be outside, tho... edit: love shibas tho D:
  16. luggi

    Facebook asking for your mail password

    Fuck most modern social media platforms, ruined way too many parts of our society already.
  17. luggi When did we get so rich?

    if i did that. mom would possibly get a heart attack.
  18. luggi

    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    sounds good
  19. luggi

    [2002] The Streets - Weak Become Heroes