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  1. Rafay

    Your hands are strong

    LOL, +1. I didn't quite get it until I pronounced it. You win.
  2. Rafay

    I'm a Muslim, please photoshop the cross out of the picture [/b]

  3. Rafay

    [WTF] Mommy.. can I stand on your..

    How does one develops such a supportive ass?
  4. Rafay


    .کیا کر لوگے تم؟ کتے کے بچے
  5. Rafay

    Web development threads

    PM me your Skype. I'm a web-design/development maniac; I love this stuff. Perhaps we could talk about it?
  6. Rafay

    Look what I made with PHP

    Site design was never the focal point, but still, thank you the compliment. Just a month, if I must say. Yeah, I have took some measures. But it can be improved in a thousand ways. Unfortunately, I'm just a beginner.
  7. Rafay

    Look what I made with PHP

    Click Here It's my first user registration system. I have been practising with PHP for a while now, so it's kind of a big deal for me. Please register (use a valid email address!), and try out the functionality.
  8. Rafay

    I have a heart...

  9. Rafay

    @Mave: Requesting /TMS-Pictures/Epic source files.

    Any time. It's really a great website. If you really want to do web development, then I suggest you take the following route: HTML/CSS -> JavaScript (jQuery) -> PHP (or Python) + lots of practice and repetition.
  10. Rafay

    @Mave: Requesting /TMS-Pictures/Epic source files.

    Hi Mave. If you don't mind, I would like to have source files of /TMS-Pictures/Epic which I coded sometime in the year that just ended. It's mainly for shits and giggles as in that I have improved now, and want to see how did I code back then. Also, I want to implement a thumbnail generator...
  11. Rafay

    Do you even lift, bro?

    This just popped up on my feed.
  12. Rafay

    Happy Birthday...

    Thank you so much guys! :E I seriously wasn't expecting this. Seriously. Thanks a lot! This really made my day. :smile3:
  13. Rafay

    Bunker beds

    Yeah, that's what I said -- 'sideways.'
  14. Rafay

    Bunker beds

    Yes, but what I think is: The one directly above the lowest one could trigger a sort of 'combined damage' if compromised. From the looks of it, if all the beds are in use (have weight), and the one above the lowest one so much as loses one support, the whole thing would collapse. Perhaps not on...
  15. Rafay

    Grizzly pet

    Where's the picture in which the bear is dead and everyone is mourning the loss. I want that picture, I'm disappointed.
  16. Rafay

    Bunker beds

    An awful way to break your bones (and possibly, teeth) would be to sleep on the topmost bed. But the advantage, I think, is that, no one would be able to catch you doing the 'deed.' (Fapping, that is.) The lowest bed is the most dangerous one, I believe. In case this whole structure breaks, the...
  17. Rafay

    Global moderator Application: Nimphious.

    Yes. You shall have my vote.
  18. Rafay

    Spiderman Thread