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  1. Andre

    Dj Antoine vs Timati feat. Kalenna - Welcome to St. Tropez

    Another good song in my opinion. I think there are like 1-2 remixes of this that are great for clubbing, I'm very certain of one but I haven't really searched for it or found so here's the "original" one. Worth a listen, I didn't like it either at first since one club mix didn't have so much...
  2. Andre

    Gyptian - Hold You (Shy FX & Benny Page Digital Soundboy Remix)

    Someone sent it to me the other day and I quite like it. Pretty relaxing as well and listening to it while driving for example seems to be very motivational and inspiring...
  3. Andre

    Awesome Finnish speaking English in the cofe time

  4. Andre

    Ace of Base - All for you

    They're a great group and apparently they're back, here's a great song from them from 2010! [url=http://www.#ws[/url]
  5. Andre

    Top 20 by a 3-yo

    [url=http://www. wanna touch don't wanna kiss shamantoeeee[/url]
  6. Andre

    Mafia II

    I thought I'd create ONE topic for our Mafia 2 discussion. I know much of you are getting the game in one method or another and it would be fun making a topic for the game. It is released today in some parts of the world though the first download became available 2 days ago. However all (well...
  7. Andre

    San Fierro Stunt Evolution

    Hey guys. Decided to show you some progress images from my development of SFSE and also to announce my project continuation of SFSFv2 on TheMaveSite. Here's a quick look: What the image shows you is our forums (design by Luke) with our powerful PHP script posting a reply when a new member...
  8. Andre

    News broacast crasher
  9. Andre

    Space Monkey - Home, not a planet

    Check out this World Wildlife Fund advertisement. Rated best at Cannes Lions, the advertisement is made by Leo Burnett Sydney. [url=http://www.#ws[/url] Sure not the regular type of a video you're used to seeing here but it sorta is deeper and has a deep point about taking care of our planet...
  10. Andre

    Firefox 4.0b1 released

    Hey. Feels like Mozilla has been falling behind with their development. Opera and Chrome have been fighting for the status of the fastest browser, leaving Firefox behind. The development team has released Firefox 4.0b1 today or a few days ago (unsure)...
  11. Andre

    B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams

    [url=http://www.#ws[/url] I gotta admit this is some catchy tune and I like it. Alternative hiphop.
  12. Andre

    When subtitles go wrong

    I laughed SOOO fucking hard at this LOL
  13. Andre

    Not fond of cats LOL

  14. Andre

    Iceberg, greenberg, goldberg, what's the difference

    fuck that is epic.
  15. Andre

    Onion news on Google Ads

    [url=http://www.NG LOLD[/url]
  16. Andre

    Happy birthday SFSFv2!

    Just reminding you that last night a year ago (June 14th 2009) SFSFv2 started. It achieved more mainstream publicity in August and the server was game-ranked second for a while on Game-Monitor. The server at first used DeLUX hosting, who kindly leaked our script to our enemies, then we moved on...
  17. Andre

    Internet reaches its limits, 18 months and then IPv6

    Currently the internet is built around the Internet Protocol Addressing Scheme version 4 (IPv4), which has around four billion addresses -- and they're fast running out. Four billion no doubt seemed a huge amount when the system was designed in the 1970s, but few then could have predicted how...
  18. Andre

    Forum software update

    Hello. We have decided to upgrade the forum software to SMF 2.0 RC3. In my opinion the 3rd release candidate (which was preceded by numerous betas and alpha versions) is stable and good enough to be running on a site like TMS is. SMF 2.0 is a major update for Simple Machines Forums software...
  19. Andre

    Hardly Working: Trololo

  20. Andre

    Sad cat tries to revive dead best friend

    [url=http://www.#[/url] Real sad. Looks like the cat is performing a CPR but I'm unsure if cats are taught any about cardiovascular system at some part. But it is definitely sad to see a cat mourning like that, trying to bring his mate back to life also. I mean, the fuck - I never get...