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    Godus - Play God, have fun!

    Have any of you in here played this game? It is still in early beta stages but "GOD" what an extraordinary game! So much fun, and so incredibly much potential Take a look if your into this genre!
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    insane ghetto workout

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    epic! ^^
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    The Lizard and the koala

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    Battlefield 3 goes Alpha I just got my hands on a key, go check if you're eligble too ^^ ill give you my first impressions when its done installing :)
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    Machinima livestream 24/7 till prestige 15 EDIT: fixed : P so its just a link
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    Black ops leaked!

    well.. i just saw that black ops is already Leaked on the internet.. Touché
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    Car fell off the Quay

    Three kids was saved out of a car underwater The police wants vitnesses Three children had to be revived after the car they were in ended up out of a quay in Stavanger on Saturday. There is currently very unclear what has happened, and Rogaland Police District has initiated an investigation...
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    Damien vs Yannick - Parkour action

    [url=http://www.#ws[/url] skip to 1.20 if u dont wanna see rest of the shit :)
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    Spotify Thread

    share ur playlist here :smile3: here's some of mine
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    Going to denmark

    Im going to denmark with my friend to meet our old classmate and celebrate hes 18years birthday! cant wait! i will probably be active on forums but not much on Ts. leaving sunday evening and coming home sunday after that ^^ (18th) i think
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    Android 3.0 rumours

    ( -- Google Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread, will appear around mid-October with the first headsets shipping in November/December time frame, according to's Eldar Murtazin. This information was obtained from Russian blogger Stasys Bielinis in a June 30th podcast that...
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    a classmate of mine is making orchestral beats and moviemusic.. comment and rate hes songs.. all beats is with FL XXL [url=http://www.#ws[/url]
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    Cannibal Ferox 1981.

    i just watched this video and its totally sick :) its a must for people who likes to see others in pain :evileyes: [url=http://www.#[/url]
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    Windows 8 Blog leak!

    Windows 7 is the best-selling operating system ever. Despite this, Microsoft enthusiast Francisco Martins Boggs says that Microsoft is not lazy. Microsoft's future operating system is now on an idea and discussion stage, reveals leaks Windows 8 documents published Martin's blog. Nothing is set...
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    Hey again!

    well , a few of u know me from old SFSF server on samp and being on forum a while ago.. i've decided to give this forum some more time and start being active as a member here again. and i would like to say hi to everyone and just pm me if u have a question :wink: reason why i have been so on...
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    Sick shit : o
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    Medal of Honor 2010

    Medal of honor will come oktober 2010 .. it will be like both BFbc2 and MW 2 at the same time here are som gameplay vids.. for those who already have BC2 the Beta for prepayers will start june 17th, but for those who dousn't have bc2 have to wait till june 21th site link...
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    This was on our commercial . its on the news too:o [url=http://www.&[/url]
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    Eaccelerator " EASY INSTALLING " my ass

    i followed a tutorial. and i still dont understand a thing about this . i got a domain and i need to get this working to get my game up for testing.. anyone willing to help me install. im really really stuck:(