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    Soom T - Roll it

    A friend of mine told me about this song, had to share it with you. I'm not sure if it's in the right section but you can always move it :p She also has some other songs like summer days :thumbsup: ^ :E
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    [App] GTA San Andreas

    Hello guys! I will come back to you tomorow, but I just had to post this here, rockstar created a mobile version of the game :celebrate: I will edit my post tomorow, now it's time for bed! :ninja:
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    Need some help with my "new" old laptop...

    Hey guys.. So I have some problems.. So my laptop is cnnected with a VGA cable to my "Flat TV HD ready Philipps", but the resolution is awfull :s look at thse pics.. here is the screen on my tv :s... See, I can't even see the home buton :/.. And here is my second problem rofl :s look at this...
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    Ipad Cake

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    How 4chan f*cked up the life of a 11 years old girl !

    Ok guys ( Yes I know this was on the frontpage of FJ ) This is real sad but what do you guys think about it ??? SHE IS ONLY 11 !!! Why the hell would they do this...
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    Mindfuck Flashlight

    Fake ? Works with a laser too ^^ ?!
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    1 4/\/\ 1337 !!

    Yeah I am it ^^!! today was a good day rofl
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    What to chose for a fight ?

    "Quartz sand gloves" Or a "Baton"...
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    [TUT]Play GameBoy Games on your Iphone ( Itouche )

    First of all you will need "Rock" ( I didn't test it with Cydia or Icy so I'm not sure it works ! ) Then you search for the following : "Emulator" ___________________________________ You will find "Gameboy4Iphone" The icon look like this : ___________________________________ Install...
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    Scanner to Text !! ( Fast :s )

    Hey guys I really need help :s !! I think there was something like this on the forums but I can't remember/find it any more :'( !! It was something like a page to convert an image to a text ?! I don't want to convert an image !! ( Of a cat for example ) I want to convert a letter to a text :)...
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    Dr Jay n Easy Lee - Dear Penis

    [url=http://www.&feature=player_embedded#[/url] It's not that bad tbh ^^ !
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    ^So true !! ^Give it a try !!
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    Scary Picnic Prank

    [url=http://www.&feature=grec#[/url] :wacko:
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    4 gays..

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    Axe Commercial

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    And You Thought Your Job Was Bad?

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    Photoshop this..

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    Grammer Nazi

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    Hot Girls

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    School fight turns deadly !

    [url=http://www.&feature=related#[/url] :wacko: