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  1. Stybar Near miss

    New definition of "fast food"
  2. Stybar Animal fact

    dammit it keeps telling me something about a "wonderful phrase?" I don't know, it won't stop singing >:(
  3. Stybar

    Elon Musk and Justin Rowland hosting meme review

    I just... can't stand pewdiepie's voice. It's grating.
  4. Stybar Gone hunting

  5. Stybar J-turn goes wrong

    Or, using, y'know, ACTUAL SKILL.
  6. Stybar Cozy cabin

    I bet that's a bitch to get clean though.
  7. Stybar

    General chit-chat

    There are! But the problem is that the interpretation of those rules is purely subjective, based on the admin's decisions.
  8. Stybar Foldable and portable houses

    No need for a truck to move it, then...
  9. Stybar

    General chit-chat

    Well, shit like /r/jailbait, I can follow. It's underage girls, that's not only very controversial, it's just downright illegal. Same with /r/creepyshots, I suppose. There even was a short "riot" over on /r/animemes, after one of the mods got a permaban for posting loli content (not even 18+...
  10. Stybar

    What are you listening to right now?

    GOTG's soundtrack never fails to entertain me. Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling
  11. Stybar A slinky salesman showing off his goods

    Yeah, but you're not Asian.
  12. Stybar Foldable and portable houses

    This seems wildly impractical, and horribly unsafe.
  13. Stybar

    General chit-chat

    I mean, obligatory "Reddit mods are ghey" comment, but I kinda get their point of view. The media is scouring every single fucking thing they can think of, and that includes the internet, seeing as the guy livestreamed the entire thing. All sites are going into full defense mode, so that...
  14. Stybar

    Modern reinterpretation of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    As much as this trailer seems fucking amazing, it's too serious. I get that it's meant to be that way, but still. I prefer the original.
  15. Stybar

    Chickens 'teamed up to kill fox' at Brittany farming school

  16. Stybar This whale survived the unpleasant meeting wit a boat propeller

    That is making me strangely uncomfortable.
  17. Stybar

    Movies: General Discussion

    They aren't. But they're fun movies. These are the kind of movies you watch with a drink and a bag of snacks, and just turn your brain off. Just enjoy the spectacular racing, and that's it.
  18. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 4

    Yeah, but I was (am) a huge FH3 fan as well. Oh well, I'll see. If I manage to get some money aside, I'll buy either, and I'll buy the other one later.
  19. Stybar A politician unlocks his computer

    Somewhere, an IT admin is facepalming so hard, he's highfiving the wall.
  20. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 4

    TD2 = The Division 2. Dropping next week, but the base edition is 60, and the Gold edition is 100. The ultimate even goes for 120.