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  1. Donald

    I just bought a racing wheel

    Ayy, done some racing alreay? I still got my T300RS with the Alcantara Ferrari wheel, wanna race sometime? How's the force feedback?
  2. Donald

    Enjoy 2019 everyone! (and your gifts!)

    If you guys get onto playing it, lmk! Happy new year to everyone, thanks for the kind offer Mave, but due to being a little inactive here recently, I'll pass on it, wouldn't feel right. (treat your cat or girl to some snacks :))
  3. Donald

    Yakuza 0

    Finished the main story last weekend, pumped for the next Yakuza they plan on porting over! :)
  4. Donald

    Yakuza 0

    Also doing a playthrough right now, amazing game!
  5. Donald

    [Leak] Nightclub DLC: New vehicles

    God damn, I need that blimp!
  6. Donald

    Goodbye SMF, hello Xenforo

    @Stybar damn right! eyy @Mauri, I just fixed it :celebrate: E; [*HR] now works too.
  7. Donald

    Goodbye SMF, hello Xenforo

    Putting this at the top of the "things to fix" list, expect it to work asap, sorry!
  8. Donald

    still getting used to XenForo, but then again, so far I'm really digging it!

    still getting used to XenForo, but then again, so far I'm really digging it!
  9. Donald

    Goodbye SMF, hello Xenforo

    Aye, installed! @Mauri @Stybar ; If you guys notice anything that's majorly broken, please let @Mave know asap, so he can forward it to me in order to break it even more. I hope you guys like it so far!
  10. Donald

    Remember Avalkiz?

    Kurwa! Well done Avalkiz! Didn't he always have a train as his avatar or am I thinking of the wrong guy right now?
  11. Donald

    Every website that asks you to unblock ads

    Looks like it's targeted towards a much younger audience than you guys think, it's aiming for that not so small "horny but unaware of pornhub yet" age group.
  12. Donald


    It'll all probably be done within a day, if everything goes right. Really looking forward to bringing TMS up to speed. I feel like you guys will definitely enjoy the new forum software.
  13. Donald

    TMS 10 years anniversary pre-celebration

    Eyy, thank you a lot Mave! I'm really looking forward to get off of work today and hopefully get to try out QuiVR (and Project Highrise soon as well!). You wouldn't have had to do this, thank you very much. I'm glad I checked back in with TMS after years of absence, even after years of...
  14. Donald

    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    Honestly, I love fishing and hunting for cash, which I use to slap silencers on every weapon, which I then use to shitty-sneak attack/liberate outposts. The dog's cool as hell too. Wish I had more time to play though, at like 20% right now.
  15. Donald

    Technology: General Discussion

    Using four screens for work, which is enough screen estate for me. I didn't like the virtual desktops for some reason..
  16. Donald

    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    Far Cry 4 was amazing! I played it before FC3, and still haven't played it so far either..yet something else to catch up on. Currently playing Far Cry 5, and holy hell, it's amazing!
  17. Donald

    BMW F10 M5 vs Truck fail

    "Blyaaattt", fucking kasachs :biggrin:
  18. Donald

    And the idiot award goes to...

    Poor guy was probably wasted out of his mind
  19. Donald

    A 250cc barbie Jeep

    I'd do it in a heartbeat, but my next project is definitely going to be electricity powered, there's already been way too many noise complaints in the past few years.