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    Your hands are strong

    LOL, +1. I didn't quite get it until I pronounced it. You win.
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    I'm a Muslim, please photoshop the cross out of the picture [/b]

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    [WTF] Mommy.. can I stand on your..

    How does one develops such a supportive ass?
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    .کیا کر لوگے تم؟ کتے کے بچے
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    [PHP] Reddit Scrapper

    cURL to send authorization headers over to Reddit API and receiving JSON in return; parsed by json_decode(). Like I said, it's just a prototype. I had no experience with cURL and JSON parsing, so this was like a headfirst technique to tackle this. I couldn't get it right for the most part and...
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    [PHP] Reddit Scrapper

    Click It's just a prototype. It will be improved upon quite a bit. Example subreddits: funny aww WTF
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    Web development threads

    PM me your Skype. I'm a web-design/development maniac; I love this stuff. Perhaps we could talk about it?
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    Look what I made with PHP

    Site design was never the focal point, but still, thank you the compliment. Just a month, if I must say. Yeah, I have took some measures. But it can be improved in a thousand ways. Unfortunately, I'm just a beginner.
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    Look what I made with PHP

    Click Here It's my first user registration system. I have been practising with PHP for a while now, so it's kind of a big deal for me. Please register (use a valid email address!), and try out the functionality.
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    I have a heart...

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    @Mave: Requesting /TMS-Pictures/Epic source files.

    Any time. It's really a great website. If you really want to do web development, then I suggest you take the following route: HTML/CSS -> JavaScript (jQuery) -> PHP (or Python) + lots of practice and repetition.
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    @Mave: Requesting /TMS-Pictures/Epic source files.

    Hi Mave. If you don't mind, I would like to have source files of /TMS-Pictures/Epic which I coded sometime in the year that just ended. It's mainly for shits and giggles as in that I have improved now, and want to see how did I code back then. Also, I want to implement a thumbnail generator...
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    Do you even lift, bro?

    This just popped up on my feed.