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    [Liquid] S.P.Y. - By Your Side

    Oh my lord that thumbnail gave me such a strong feeling of nostalgia. I guess I'll be listening some old dnb for a while, thanks. :D
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    Everyone Who Bought EA's Tetris App Will Lose It On April 21

    Yea, it's pretty much the same with Steam too, or any other DRM platform in fact. One of the reasons why something like GOG should thrive even more. But also yay for Tetris not being EA's anymore!
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    Post your phone's homescreen

    Check your mails buddy
  4. Mauri Dad, are we pyromaniacs?

    This thread is lit.
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    It's official, TMS finally has a proper logo

    I like it a lot! wondering if I manage to make GTAO crew emblem of it?
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    Programming humor

    Ah I see. I wonder if it's possible to kind of teach spell checker your own inputs/names/whatever as well.
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    Programming humor

    I'm not a programmer, but I've seen this kind of joke before and I need to ask: Isn't there anything like a spell checker that would detect your typos?
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    General chit-chat

    What an oopsie
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    Technology: General Discussion

    They were at 0, so now I put them all to 80. Let's see if it help, cheers :D
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    Technology: General Discussion

    My current phone (Xperia XZ1C) is starting to have screen burn-ins more frequently, this sucks. D: Can't afford to get a new phone any time soon yet
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Listening this as well, it has some funny YouTube comments now
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    Discussion Red Dead Online: General Discussion

    No clue actually, I've been a good boi in game
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    Discussion Red Dead Online: General Discussion

    Double post If you want more exp, make sure you are in free-aim session. With every kill you get +20 extra exp Start/Restart the game Stay in the menu Press Q to switch to Story Press Z to select Options Controls > Controller Lock-On Mode (On-Foot) > Free Aim Lock-On Mode (Horse-Vehicle) >...
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    Discussion Red Dead Online: General Discussion

    Hey my character looks even better in higher quality, nice :biggrin: For leveling up and getting cash you pretty much need to do same stuff as in single-player. Hunt, fish, sell them to a butcher, do random missions from strangers and so on. It's nice that you can level up by just doing...
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    GTA Online General Discussion Thread

    I even hacked for you, how could you!