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    SF-SE is back

    Don't you have any old maps laying around, I'm sure everybody would be excited to play on those ;)
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    Fallout 4 trademarked by Bethesda Softworks
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    [GTA Online] Leaked vehicles and weapons from beach bum pack

    Yeah it's really good. One of the best series i'm watching atm, besides Suits
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    [GTA Online] Leaked vehicles and weapons from beach bum pack

    Broken bottle, damn that's nasty :p Reminds me of one of the Homeland episodes from this season.
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    Good sportsmanship.

    nice to see them congratulating each other instead of bashing. Although i quite liked the bashing in the latest south park episode ;)
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    SF-SE is back

    kuch, epic bump :blink:
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    Kraddy - Android Porn

    Yeah had the same thing, until last time i quickly used Shazam to recognize the song :)
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    "I need a tattoo that really.. defines myself"

    Love handles? :E
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    Kraddy - Android Porn

    Great motivational beat!
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    GTA Online General Discussion Thread

    Re: The GTA Online Discussion Thread Hahahaha this is so true =D
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    The Official GTA Online TMS PC Crew | General Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official GTA V / GTA Online TMS PS3 Crew | General Discussion Thread anybody up for some GTA:online this evening?
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    Current Gen/Next Gen NBA Screenshot Comparison

    This looks sick. Can't wait to see what Fifa 14 really looks like on the PS4.
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    Support TMS, by donating

    donated a bit too.
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    Anyone have nudes?

    hehe, typical 4chan humor. I like it :holmes:
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    Lars Dahl Bring - Back The Touge [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    Also sound a bit like the trailer sound of GTA V. Nice tune