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    What are you listening to right now?

    Not sure if you guys know this, have been listening to it for a while now every then. It's some sort of hip hop with a lot of ambiance sounds in it and in a couple of songs some nice samples/acapella's from famous songs, very nice while working as a background sound.
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    Using a Ferrari as an alarm clock

    Hahaha this is golden
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    This looks pretty damn epic.

    I love stuff like this
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    Movies: General Discussion

    Saw both of those, also good. :3
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    Time to feed the dogs

    They look cute though :3
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    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    I did have a peek on Pirate Bay, there's one torrent that has like 270 seeders or something but it's a virus, watch out :3
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    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    No but I'm also interested in buying it
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    Movies: General Discussion

    I watched it, weird but good, recommending it! Sorry for late reply ...
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    Breaking: You can pet cats in AC: Origins

    Best. Game. Ever.
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    Lady Gaga rehearsing with Metallica

    Not bad at all
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    Christmas tree cannon

    Lol why
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    What are you listening to right now?

    It's in my Suit Up playlist ::3:
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    Series: General Discussion

    Mave you HAVE to watch Stranger Things, it takes an episode or two to get into but it's sooooo fucking good!
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    My spotify playlists

    I've developed a habit of working on my Spotify playlists while I'm bored, have a look if you like. ::3: 1. Suit up ( - This one's my favorite, a bunch of classy songs that lift me up in difficult times, and actually any...