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    Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer

    ^ I hope you are right! I really want it now xD PS: Downloading Goat Petting Simulator xD
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    Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer

    Dude wtf xD Has the game already been released? XD ______ Mhm seems to be a joke?!
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    Well if you're gonna do it, do it right.

    It's all about the affro xD
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    Nearly one-third of new iOS games are Flappy Bird clones

    Mhm here is my theorie: He knew that it's not impossible to get the app anyway (from a friend account who bought it, or if you have a jailbreaked iphone) and by deleting the app, more ppl are going to get the game and he still wins from the add's that shows up every time. So i bet he became...
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    Breaking Bad [2008-2013]

    Re: Breaking Bad discussion thread ^ Nice One! I found a cooking mama game, but Breaking Bad version haha. My quality 64% !
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    Federal agents say Breaking Bad-inspired blue meth is on the rise in New Mexico

    I really should have read your post before clicking on his link.. I just got an achievement First Lab Hour You've managed a meth lab for an hour Jesus that was a total waste of time xD but i still continue playing haha
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    Goat Simulator 1st Alpha Gameplay

    Damn it really looks amazing in a certain way :p
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    Snoop dog just posted this to instagram

    Snoop gives me the best laughs haha Here is a good one too, And he still looks like a G' even with his age haha!
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    NSA uses radio pathways to access PCs when machines are not internet connected

    ^ TMS is now being watched, thank you nobokyiv haha.
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    NSA uses radio pathways to access PCs when machines are not internet connected

    Wtf those NSA things are getting real crazy O.o
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    Soom T - Roll it

    A friend of mine told me about this song, had to share it with you. I'm not sure if it's in the right section but you can always move it :p She also has some other songs like summer days :thumbsup: ^ :E
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    [POLL] What's your screen resolution?

    Computer Display 1600*1200 On second display (tv) 1360*768 (recommended), but hmm don't know if that's the best resolution?!
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    Breaking Bad [2008-2013]

    Re: Breaking Bad discussion thread First time I see this topic!! and all I have to say, Breaking Bad changed my life haha nah joking but BB is and it will stay the best serie I've ever watched! hahaha really funny :p but the real scene is indeed epic O.o!! When I saw that episode, the moment...
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    Yelling at a spider

    Oh my god Mave xD you want me to die today :p I almost jizzed in the pants because oh it's funnyness :p definitly gonna try this :p
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    Public Prank - Best Pranks Of 2013

    This made my morning haha Cookie for this :p
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