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    SF-SE Shutting down

    Even though that's not exactly what I asked for, thanks a bunch. I don't have anything against my little sister and me being on display (picture's from 1st of July 2010 btw), but I was rather wondering if this is the kind of publicity this forum deserves as the link was already spread on some...
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    SF-SE Shutting down

    The only connection between me and you that I can recall is that I appointed you as an administrator on SFSE probably like 1.5 years ago. I did it without doubting since I considered you a rational guy and a long time gaming pal from older projects. However, friend or not, I was not able to keep...
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    About 150 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in anti-education attack

    Fucking dipshit countries. While I might not be in favor of murder, I support all these attempts to blow these fuckers up.
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    Trip to New York (Gallery)

    A couple more years of hard labor and I might be able to pull such trip off myself as well! Very nice. And you've a hot girlfriend!
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    Daughter Loves The Audi R8

    Only one thing to bother me is that he had the engine running while the girl was playing it in the second part... and we couldn't hear it running :tongue:
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    Think twice before you kill a spider

    Fucking shit
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    Rockstar North employee CV gives Grand Theft Auto V an October launch window

    I hope that we'll be getting something new soon from Rockstar. What their support has already confirmed is that Rockstar, unlike regularly, is present at E3.
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    Just how big are porn sites?

    I don't know how many of you guys have learned or heard about Redis (except for when it comes to this porn-related article), but it is a library so powerful it even provides fapping material to 4000 people at once. Working for a porn site would actually be very cool and challenging.
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    [WTF] Cargo ship gets visit from Somali pirates

    Those dipshits should be shot. And very lethally. As soon as they're identified hostile to the ship and do not respond to warnings. And I think that the serious discussions board somewhat deserves a new topic regarding the international laws that disallow the use of torture and lethal force in...
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    EA Wins “Worst Company In the World” Award

    We can probably sense some PR campaigns coming, but nothing drastic on the way... Sad.
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    Classroom in Chernobyl

    Those gasmasks are scary by their nature anyways!
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    Google's Self-Driving Car Test

    That's adaptive cruise control, I have tried it out on the road in a 2008 VW Phaeton. In conclusion it is better not to get used to it and one should always keep their eyes on the road and at least one hand on the wheel. Specially when it comes to curves. My current, 2005 VW Passat is equipped...
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    Train crash in Szczekociny, Poland

    What a horrible accident, my condolences! I just hope that other countries and operating companies learn something from this. Optimizing the company fiscally and downsizing employees is not worthy of the lives lost.
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    Members Of The Month - February 2012

    Congratulations! Terraria looks interesting. :laugh:
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    Our new forum theme: LaGusta

    Nice theme! :smile3: