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[GTA Online] How to make proper money in 2017
« on: August 30, 2017, 08:22 »
Since I've noticed that a lot of people who used to play GTA Online are struggling to get back into the game, or are confused by all the things Rockstar has added, I decided to create this topic.

What it basically comes down to is that you need a CEO office, and a Vehicle Warehouse. (still the best way to make money)

You'll need at least $1.000.000 for the cheapest CEO office, and $1.500.000 for the cheapest vehicle warehouse.
In total you need $2.500.000 just to get started.. If you need help getting there, I'd be happy to assist in doing heists/missions/races.
The good news is that you can make your money back in 13,5 hours (you will only be playing less than half of that time)

  • Buy the cheapest CEO office: Maze Bank West
  • Buy the cheapest Vehicle Warehouse: La Mesa
  • Source as many vehicles as you can(*) You'll need to be in your CEO office for this.
  • Sell a top range vehicle. You'll need to be in your vehicle warehouse for this.
  • Set a timer on your mobile phone for 20 minutes.
  • Immediately after selling the vehicle, fly/drive back to your CEO office and source another one
  • After you've delivered the sourced vehicle in your warehouse, enter your office and "rubber-band" your console.
  • When the timer on your mobile phone ends, start again at instruction #4

Now you'll be able to make:
$80.000 every 20 minutes
$240.000 every hour
$960.000 every 4 hours

(I'm ignoring the few minutes it takes to deliver the vehicle)
Since you'll be waiting for the timer to finish half of the time, the time spent playing is actually half!
Last weekend I/E payout was double, so I made $160.000 every 20 minutes, occasionally Rockstar does this, usually before a major update.

* A full vehicle warehouse consists of standard range, mid range, and top range vehicles. Once it's full and you sell a top range vehicle, the only vehicle you'll be able to source again is a top range one! Which means $80.000 every sale, every 20 minutes. Basically source all vehicles, but only sell top range ones and you'll get there soon enough.

NOTE: The CEO office and vehicle warehouse are not super-close to each other because they're both the cheapest ones. If you want them closer together you'll have to invest in a more expensive office/warehouse. (I've been using the two cheapest ones since forever though)

NOTE #2: You'll have around 10-15 minutes of waiting time. I have my game set to windowed fullscreen, so while the controller is "rubber banded" I just watch some Netflix.

TIP: As a CEO you can instantly spawn a Buzzard for a few hundred bucks, but it's 100% FREE if you own the Buzzard (might be a safe investment). Otherwise just use your fastest vehicle for driving from your vehicle warehouse to your ceo office and vice versa.

TIP #2: Selling in a full lobby is not smart, people might kill you or destroy your vehicle. Selling in a solo public lobby also isn't the most optimal solution because the NPC's are really overpowered (you'll need to destroy 16 NPC's). Ideally you want a lobby with only a few people it.

TIP #3: Try not to damage your vehicles too much. During sourcing missions you don't need to drive full speed (unless you're being attacked by NPC's/players) time doesn't matter much because your 20 minute timer is already running.
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Re: [GTA Online] How to make proper money in 2017
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2017, 05:29 »
Thanks for writing this out, will help me.  :smile3:

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Re: [GTA Online] How to make proper money in 2017
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2017, 05:43 »
Thanks for writing this out, will help me.  :smile3:
Np, glad I could help.