Author Topic: Apple's fix to the MacBook Pro battery problem- remove time remaining  (Read 126 times)

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Apple's fix to the MacBook Pro battery problem- remove time remaining

Apple’s MacBook Pro battery problem has been well documented by ourselves and other websites and Apple is pushing a fix in macOS 10.12.2. That’s right, that pesky battery problem should stop annoying you but it won’t make you get longer battery life. The latest macOS update is addressing the battery problem by removing the “time remaining” estimate that shows in the status bar. This way you aren’t constantly looking at your battery life knowing how much time you have left. Apple thinks by removing this feature, time will go slower for you and you’ll be unaware your advertised 10-hour battery life computer is actually only getting 3 hours. Oh, in case you aren’t getting it, most of that was sarcasm.

Apple promises a ceiling of about 10 hours of use with the new laptops, but many reviewers — including our own — had a hard time replicating that performance. Verge editor Jake Kastrenakes had so much trouble getting the 13-inch version to regularly eclipse six hours of battery life that Apple sent another MacBook Pro in hopes that there was an issue with the first unit. There wasn’t.


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