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Forum Board Structure
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:40 »
What is this topic?
Every time boards or categories change (new category, merging with another board,..) around the forum, or new ones get added, I will update this topic.

Got a good suggestion to rename/change/merge boards? Please reply with your suggestion.

29/04/2013 Changes

  • "Useful Links" becomes a child board of "Tech Talk & News".
  • The "TMS Provided Media" category is going away, the board "TMS Videos" & "TMS Videos" will be joined with "Videos" & "Pictures" in the "Entertainment" section.
  • The category "The Overflow" is going away. The boards inside will merge with the "Community" category.
  • Renamed every board description to more appropriate descriptions

Forum layout before changes

Forum layout after changes

EDIT: Last minute change: "The Quality Room" and "Galleries and Photography" have been moved to "Videos" and "Pictures". Everybody can post in them now.
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